Cable System Range

Tatamagouche Village residents, we can supply full service with our cable system.

Tower Range

Each of our towers has a rough range of about 16km.

Check your location

Our tower locations are Tatamagouche, Wallace, Pugwash, River John, Linden, Gulfshore, Balfron, Brule, Denmark, Alton, Birch Hill, Coldstream, Hidden Hill Top, Little Dyke, Musquodoboit, Penny Mountain, Shortt’s Lake, South Branch, Economy, Fenton, Kennetcook, Mcgrath Lake, Slate Quarry, Henniger Rd. Now available in Truro and Bible Hill

*Please note: even though your location may be within our coverage area, there may be trees, hills, and structures that can impede our equipment’s ability to communicate with the towers. When you contact us to order service, we’ll verify if you’re sufficiently in range.

Coverage Area Map for North Nova Cable